Dave Hamre

Dave Hamre

After a year on the ski patrol, Hamre was awarded the new position of Snow Safety Director at Alta, UT, in 1972.  He was then 20 years old.  After 5 years at Alta, he set his sights farther north, first with a year in Canada and then a move to Alyeska Resort, Alaska, in the fall of 1977 as the Snow Safety Director.  The demand for avalanche consulting work caused him to decide to leave Alyeska Resort in 1982.  Avalanche consulting work has ensued in some form since then.

In 1985, Hamre began work as an employee of the Alaska Railroad, where he was the Avalanche Program Manager. This work required a full-time, seasonal effort at first and turned into a full-time, year-round position in 1996 with the addition of more complicated and demanding infrastructure related to avalanches.  At the railroad, he was engaged in the development of projects with an emphasis on avalanches, the development of technologies suitable for avalanche risk reduction, and managing an artillery-based risk reduction program.  There were also ample opportunities to engage in avalanche consulting work during his entire 37 years at the railroad.

A full resume of his experience is available on request but includes the creation of numerous avalanche risk mitigation programs, original research into slush flow avalanches, development of structural avalanche defenses, development of weather stations and avalanche detection systems, calculating avalanche risk for highways, analysis of alternatives to artillery for avalanche risk reduction, and many other tasks. He has presented papers at the International Snow Science Workshop many times, in addition to sitting on the Steering Committee for that event. The list of clients included other railroads, highway departments, mines, ski areas, and pipelines. He also managed numerous mountain construction projects during the period from 1980 to 1995, when he began managing construction projects for the Alaska Railroad.


Dave Hamre
Founder/Owner/Senior Consultant
After a year on the ski patrol, Hamre was awarded the new position of Snow Safety Director at Alta, UT, in 1972.  He was then 20 years old.  After 5 years at Alta, he set his sights farther north, first… (Read more)
Don Sharaf
Avalanche Risk Consultant - Lead
Working for David Hamre and Associates LLC presents the perfect opportunity for Don to draw on his 30+ years as an avalanche professional.  Years of glacier mountaineering and backcountry ski guiding led into over 20 years of mechanized ski guiding… (Read more)
Ted Steiner
Burlington-Northern Avalanche Program Assistant Manager and Avalanche Risk Consultant
Richard (Ted) Steiner has been working in the avalanche safety arena as a practitioner since the mid-80s.  He began consulting with David Hamre & Associates in 2005 and since that time has assisted with the design and operation of various… (Read more)
Adam Clark
Burlington-Northern Avalanche Program Manager
Adam is a mountain professional based in Whitefish, MT where he leads the BNSF Railway Avalanche Program. He also works as researcher with the USGS Glaciology Program and as a professional mountain guide. Adam has a lifelong passion for the… (Read more)
Mark O'Geen
Union Pacific Avalanche Program Manager and Avalanche Risk Consultant
Mark grew up in the Sierra Foothills and developed a love for skiing and rivers as a youngster. He obtained a business degree from Washington State University and headed for Utah to work in the ski Industry. His fascination with… (Read more)
Aleph Johnston-Bloom
Avalanche Risk Consultant
Aleph is an avalanche risk consultant living in Girdwood, Alaska. Prior to joining David Hamre and Associates in 2022, she worked locally forecasting for the Chugach Electric Association powerline for a season and for six seasons as the Lead forecaster… (Read more)
Lel Tone
Avalanche Risk Consultant
Lel Has been working in the avalanche field since 1995. Over the years she has been a member of the Palisades Tahoe ski patrol as an avalanche technician and avalanche forecaster. This has provided her ample days in the field… (Read more)
Onno Wieringa
Avalanche Risk Consultant
Onno Wieringa was born in Conrad Montana and graduated from Montana State University with a B.S. in Commerce in 1972.  During college Onno was a part-time ski patroller at Bridger Bowl and worked with Duane Bowles, Jim Kanzler, Terry Onslow, … (Read more)
Ken Bokelund
Avalanche Risk Consultant
Ken Bokelund’s career in avalanche mitigation and risk management spans over three decades, commencing with ski patrolling at Homewood Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe in 1990. In 1992, he transitioned to Alpine Meadows Professional Ski Patrol, culminating in his retirement… (Read more)
Andrew Schauer
Avalanche Risk Consultant
Andrew has worked in the avalanche industry for the past 7 years as a backcountry avalanche forecaster, educator, and guide in Alaska and Montana. He earned a Master’s degree from the Snow and Avalanche Lab at Montana State University and… (Read more)
Beth Cleary
Avalanche Risk Consultant
Beth graduated from Alaska Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Studies. During her time at APU, her studies focused on Snow and Avalanche Science. Beth worked for Alaska Mountaineering School for 10 years. She guided over a… (Read more)